Saturday, January 22, 2011

Question M: Ageism

I believe the root cause of ageism have a direct correlation with technology and science, and how they've been used to change our media world and societies. Our society is moving at a speed faster than light. With all the new technology these days, it can often times leave other people feeling, slow or left behind. Our society can have a preconceived notion towards old people that is completely unwarranted and incorrect at times. It is sad because we take out these frustrations on the elderly. Most elderly people do not have computers, ipods, ipads, smart phones, nooks, etc. There generation was very different than ours. I consider myself an ageist because I talk to my grandparents all the time. We are extremely close and before my grandmother got sick, we wrote letters back and forth monthly. I also volunteered all throughout high school in our Veterans Day Breakfast. I think that elderly people possess something that we should all want to acquire. They have wisdom, knowledge and a certain sense of life that I believe our society is losing sight of. With our new technological discoveries happening every day it is easy to forget what the meaning of life really is.

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